Uncompromising Research

Hello, friend. I am Cindy Findley. I have lived in the Valley of the Sun since 1980. I enjoy helping elders locate living alternatives.

Before I recommend a senior housing option, I review the facility’s license at the Department of Health Services and if it passes muster, then I conduct an exploratory visit and ask a lot of questions. The objective is to suggest facilities that have a history of safety, comfort, and affordability.  The rule of thumb is if I can’t see my Mom living there, then I cannot recommend it.

Local & Knowledgeable

Having helped at least 50 families find living alternatives for their elders, I am confident I can help you navigate the maze. During a time of uncertainty or stress, procuring senior housing can be a challenge, but with an expert like me by your side, it need not be.

My services to you are free. Similar to the relationship between a real estate agent and a home buyer, I am paid a referral fee from the owner of the facility or group home.

Experience & Training

I know what questions to ask. Understanding what is important to you and your family directs my research.

I am a Certified Senior Advisor, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Readmission Fellow, and Certified Living in Place Practitioner. In my spare time, I am writing a dissertation on loneliness that will complete my qualifications to attain a Ph.D. in psychology.

Basically, I have the experience and training to make your life easier when it comes to the challenge of senior housing.

Senior housing challenge


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